Frame Nets

A ton of play, high modularity, taking up very little space

COROCORD Frame Nets - a brand new product line of innovative rope play. The product line draws on the newest technology to facilitate various ways of customisation with the use of membranes, themes and colours. The series offers 5 different designs, that all unfolds from a core structure to an advanced premium play solution with membranes, add-ons and themes. 

The Frame Nets unfold a three-dimensional rope environment in which children can move freely and play in all directions. Navigating around in the Frame Nets' web of ropes encourages logical thinking in the child, and stepping from one rope to the next trains the child's cross-coordination skills and body strength.


Picture on the right: Dragite with thematisation. Green colour chosen. 

Pictures below: Circite core and Medite with add-on. 

Circite_core.png                          Medite_add_on.png

Choose your dragon

Unfolding the design and play value of the Dragite structure. A similar structure applies to all other products categories. 


1. Dragite core structure. The dragon is still sleeping. Do you dare bring it to life? 2. Dragite with house membrane. The dragon is slowly awakening. The membranes inside the dragon's heart increase the fun inside. The membranes come as small nests stimulating social play. 3. Dragite with path membrane. The paths stimulate physical play. 4. Dragite with add-on. Add a tail to the dragon and make extra room for fun on the outside. The add-on increases the capacity of the structure by allowing more children to play simultaneoursly. 5. Dragite dragonite with thematisation. The dragon is awake and stretching his wings. Fit it to your needs and choose the colour of your dragon.  


Available in five fully transparent core structures

The Frame Nets are available in frive fully transparent core structures. Add membranes, add-ons and themes to increase the fun and play capacity. 



Colour themes

Frame nets colour options webgraphic_1600x830.png